What are the forces controlling Mike Igini?

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What are the forces controlling Mike Igini?

Whoever had any iota of doubt about the weak character, bad conduct and poor judgement of Michael Igini, the INEC REC in Akwa Ibom State, only needs to read his latest outburst against the APC to clear such reservations.

Mr. Igini addressed a press conference in his office last Friday, and claimed that the APC candidates in the last general elections are challenging the results of the elections at the Tribunals because they want to ‘make noise, attract sympathy and look for appointments from President Buhari’. Even those that had benefitted from Mike Igini’s electoral scam have been embarrassed by this reckless, partisan, insulting and gratuitous statement.

There is no other REC, among the 37 of them in the country – and we know that there are election cases in almost every state of the federation – that is so petty, mean-spirited and overtly biased against any political party as Igini is.
The Holy Book tells us that from the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks. Mr Igini can longer conceal his partiality for the PDP and bias against the APC. His cup will run over, sooner or later.

We invite Nigerians to note the following sequence of events, just to try to understand the working of Igini’s complex and compromised personae.

The Akwa Ibom Governorship Election Petition Tribunal had on Monday 15 April ordered INEC to allow the APC legal team access to materials used for the election for the purpose of inspection. INEC flouted this order. Then on Monday, 29 April – two weeks after the Order was issued, Chief Victor Iyanam, the lead counsel to Nsima Ekere, APC governorship candidate who is challenging the governorship election, announced that his team had not been allowed to inspect the materials as ordered by the Tribunal.

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On Thur, 2 May, the Tribunal warned INEC against flouting its Orders and noted that the commission risks a N2 million fine as enshrined in Section 77 of the Electoral Act. Apparently stung and embarrassed by the warning from the Tribunal, Igini hurriedly called a press conference the following day and launched his diatribes. What are the justifications for these insults? What are the forces controlling this REC?

In our response to this unprovoked, unjustified and overtly partisan harangue, we wish to make the following categorical statements:

1. We have long established that Mike Igini was well compromised and induced by the PDP to conduct the last elections in its favour. We have substantiated evidence to prove that Igini and his Ad Hoc staff colluded with PDP to execute one of the most extensive electoral frauds in history of Akwa Ibom. We shall present our evidence in court.

2. We believe that Mike Igini would rather wish we do not challenge the elections in court. He would actually prefer to retire quietly to enjoy his filthy lucre in comfort.

3. Mike Igini’s unguarded statement, in a way, is an insult to President Muhammadu Buhari. It is not within the purview of a corrupt electoral official to tell the President how to make his appointments.

4. Damaged and morally bankrupt, Igini will go down in history a REC who sold his soul to the devil for the love of money.

We wish to assure him that public officials of his kind have no place in a new Nigeria being moulded by President Buhari. The National Chairman of INEC that has built a warm nest of protection around Mike Igini should be very ashamed of this his godson.

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Besides, the entire world is anxiously waiting to know what happens to the certificate of returns of House Assembly Election in Essien Udim State Constituency conducted by Michael Igini in the elections he claimed to be free and fair.


Nkereuwem Enyongekere
Publicity Secretary
APC Akwa Ibom

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