Oyo Gov-elect GSM holds town hall meeting with indigenes in Minnesota


Olusesan Ekisola, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Twin Cities and the Nigerian community in Minnesota were among the few privileged citizens in the Diaspora to receive in audience, the newly elected Ọ̀yọ́ State Governor-in-waiting, Engr Șèyí Makinde. He breezed into The La Quinta Hotel ballroom, Woodbury venue of the town hall style meeting with Ọ̀yọ́ State stakeholders in Minnesota, last Monday, April 15th, accompanied by some Federal lawmakers from Oyo State. Organized under the joint aegis of the Ìbàdàn Descendants Union of Minnesota and the Ẹgbẹ́ ọmọ Oduduwa in the State, the meeting featured an open engagement with the community. Most of the present had a rare opportunity to do ask questions and and gauge the governor-elect at close quarters and review their expectations about his tenure in office.

Thanking the organizers, Governor-elect Seyi Makinde expressed deep appreciation for their invitation and opportunity to meet and rub minds with Oyo State citizens in Minnesota, requesting the buy-in of all stakeholders in the Oyo State project and the comprehensive revitalization of project Nigeria by all patriots. Responding to citizens’ questions on educational development, he revealed his plans to abolish the N3000 naira levy, an annual total of N36k per pupil, for secondary school pupils in Oyo State. He reiterated his team’s commitment to giving the State an across the board functional education during his tenure.

In-coming Governor Makinde said Health care delivery in the State will focus on empowering the primary health care, PHC, sector in all localities. On infrastructure, he promised not to abandon ongoing projects, stating that his administration will work to give every town a facelift, re-creating what he did in his father’s village at Ajia, and replicating it in many local areas of Oyo State. Governor-elect Makinde promised to look into the potentials of the Okere River and dam in Shaki area of Oke Ogun to generate electricity power.

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Responding to questions on Agriculture, Makinde pledged that his main focus would be to rejuvenate the state’s farm settlements while empowering farmers with implements. He promised to work closely with youths in farming on a project in agriculture to employ and engage them in agriculture and agric value chains.

On sports while answering a question about the state of neglect and misuse of the Lekan Salami Stadium and sporting activities in general, he indicated willingness to look into issue sustaining the 3SC football club and other teams in the state. He stressed the determination of his incoming government’s efforts to work on, not only soccer but, all other sporting activities in the state.

Governor-elect Makinde called on all Nigerians and people of Oyo State origin in the diaspora to join all descendants of Oduduwa in the task ahead. He indicated his desire to enlist the support of people outside the country in all spheres to sustain growth of the state, asking them to link up with the Omituntun In Diaspora, O I D Initiative. He maintained that he will be open to work with all people regardless of their political affiliation or philosophy restating his willingness to collaborate with all people of good intentions by providing the enabling environment.

Welcoming Governor-elect Seyi Makinde to the Twin Cities, Ibadan Descendants’ Union, President, Alhaji Bashir Titilope, spoke on behalf of his Minnesota counterpart, and President of Egbe omo Oduduwa, Pastor Goke Odujole a schoolmate to the Governor-elect. Alhaji Titilope strongly emphasised the need to complete all ongoing projects in the State as government is a continuum. Alhaji Titilope also implored Governor-elect Seyi Makinde to properly empower and mobilize LG chairmen, giving them a free hand and a mandate to deliver measurable and tangible developmental projects for their LGAs.

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Alhaji Titilope made a case for enough hands to ensure a mandatory completion of at least five kilometers of roads per LGA. He then led the gathering in prayers for the governor, the state and the nation and her citizens.

The Governor-elect was accompanied to the event by Hon. Abass Adigun aka Agboworin, Federal Representative for Ibadan South East and North East Constituency, Hon. Stanley Olujide aka Odidi ọmọ, Federal Representative for Ibadan South West and North West constituencies.

Minnesota community was represented by joint Host organizers, Ibadan Descendants Union President, Alhaji Bashir Titilope, Egbe omo Oduduwa President, Pastor Goke Odujole, Dr Dapo Fawọlé, Mrs Toyin Alowonle, Past President, Ẹgbẹ́ ọmọ Oduduwa, Dr Chris Òkèlẹ́yẹ, Past President, Ibadan Descendants Union, Mr Kola Adediran, President Minnesota Institute for Nigerian Development, MIND, and Dr Richard Oni, MIND past President.

Engr Seyi Makinde also visited Houston Texas and the State Pennsylvania.

Omi Tuntun tí ru….!

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