Sri Lanka Bombings: Relatives Of Key Suspect Zahran Hashim Killed

Sri Lankan soldiers stand guard under the rain at St. Anthony’s Shrine in Colombo/ AFP
Sri Lankan authorities have revealed that the father and brothers to mastermind of the Easter Sunday bombings, Zahran Hashim were killed during a raid on Friday.

Hashim himself was killed when he blew himself up at a hotel in Colombo. He was leader of the group said to have been behind Sunday’s attacks.

Security forces raided a house in Sainthamaruthu, near Hashim’s hometown Kattankudy.

Gunmen opened fire as troops moved in, police said, and three men set off explosives, killing themselves, six children and three women. Three other people died in the gunfire.

A close family relative confirmed that Hashim’s father and two brothers died in the raid.

As a security measure, the government has announced a ban on face coverings, aimed at Muslim women following the attacks.

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