Don’t blame your pastor for everything that befalls you

By Rev. Tope Popoola

In some people’s minds these days, especially on social media
If you drink water and it goes into your trachea

It is your pastor that didn’t pray well
If you eat and choke on it
The church that should have supervised your eating must have looked the other way while you ate

If your area has no light, the ‘rich’ pastor there should have put generator in every house
If the road to your house is rough,
The churches on that street are misusing the offering

If you cannot afford the fees of the school you insist that your children must attend
Your pastor should pick up the bill
If you insist on staying in a 3-bedroom apartment for “packaging’ purposes when your economy can only support one room
Your church is wicked if it cannot pay your rent

At every point on social media, church-bashing and pastor-dissing seem to be the new way of attracting attention
Are there aberrants? Show me a religion that doesn’t have its fair share! Why the undue attention on the faith you claim to espouse?

The existence of fake doctors has not stopped you from visiting a hospital has it?
Fake lawyers everywhere but you still don’t call a surveyor when you have a legal problem

Quit playing the blame game. Read your Bible. Know God. Do His will. Obey His precepts. If you do, you will know which leader to follow and which to avoid. What kind of church to attend and which to flee from.

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The Bible is so simple you need someone to help you misunderstand it!
Get a life. Take responsibility for your dysfunctionality. Leave the church out of it. The Chief Shepherd can fix His flock better than your angst ever can, unless of course you are the one whose blood was shed!

No church pushes anyone to suicide or depression.

No church is called to be a replacement for good governance. Corporate dysfunctionalities in governance structures are not the albatross of the church. No church controls the purse of State. The church gives what God’s love compels, not what men’s angst demands!

Jesus died for the sin of the whole world, but is everyone saved? As much as He healed while alive, did He heal everyone that was sick in His time?

If you know what Jesus would do that a church or pastor isn’t doing, that is your opportunity to be the difference you seek. Step up to the plate. Shame the pastor by your EXAMPLE. Let your own fruits express your conviction. Be the Jesus in your clime.

Every man will give account to His Maker, not to you, not to another man.
If you see evil, shun it. Walk in the opposite direction. Counter it with GOOD.

Pastor-bashing is NOT the GOOD NEWS we are called to preach.

Since you started your new-found crusade as an acclaimed child of God and church-basher, how many people has your anger brought to the MASTER JESUS? How many knees have bowed to Him by your tirades?


If all that your rants achieve is to dissuade people from the faith instead of bringing them to it, you are an apostate!
As guilty as the ones whose specks you point out while a log clogs your own vision!!! The Owner of the church specifies the same fate – better that a stone be hung around his neck and he be thrown in the sea!

If your experience with a “bad” church leaves you broken and angry
Have you stopped spending money because someone once gave you some counterfeit notes that almost landed you in jail ?

If you ever see a counterfeit anywhere, it is simply because there is original somewhere.

Find it and stop throwing tantrums!
The message of the gospel has not changed

God still rules in the affairs of His church and indeed the earth.

He does a better job than any human. Trust me!

Your weekend is blessed!

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