Promises Are Covenants


Covenants are oaths that are binding on two or more people who are under an obligation to fulfill them. Unfortunately, many have sent people to a lives of misery and untimely deaths, through unfulfilled or broken promises.

Often, people make promises for many reasons. Some genuinely intend to keep such promises, but the vicissitudes of life come to play and they forget about the promise(s) they made.

Some make promises to feel good about themselves or merely to dance to the gallery. Some do it to give themselves some reputation, which is simply a mask for their true character as reputation is only what the society perceives you to be.

Remember those people that would promise the widow and children of a decreased friend or colleague how they will take up the welfare of such people. And how they closed their doors or dodged such people when they came seeking for help?

There are countless stories of audio promises and audio donations which are actually promises that are already dead on arrival.

Promises take so much from people. Their trust and faith is hinged on he who has promised and many may put their journey on hold because of a promise that may unfortunately never see the light of the day. In essence, if he is not careful, a person promised may waste his years waiting for a ship that will never sail.

Even worse, are people who promised and never fulfill, yet hold down the person(s) they promised from exploring other options to help their journey. Run from those people. Flee from those symptoms. They are time-wasters and destiny-killers.


What more, in matters of the heart, promises have been made in the throes of passion. Castles-in-the-air promises that dies immediately in the heat of passion and never sees the dawn of new day.

What about promises made by lovers who leave their significant other in a limbo when they leave the shores of the country for another, abandoning the other to pine and waste away with a fake promise or engagement ring, while they fully embrace another life with another man or woman.

Should I write about lovers going to the extent of making oaths and blood covenants which come back to haunt them or where one of the pair goes back to break the oath, leaving the other in a lifetime of crises?

What about matters of our common wealth? Failed promises is the number one killer of hope for many. Citizens are very much disillusioned and move around with vacant stares.

Every four years, politicians come with promises of a better life for the citizens but sadly they are just words followed with no action.

They are like a man who buys his wife a piece of wrapper or dress because he wants to have sex with her and promptly abandons the wife when she is pregnant.

So do we get raped of our common wealth with bits of carrots, using the power of poverty to subdue citizens and we are arrogantly ignored by our leaders once they get what they want. When we fight back, we are further oppressed.

Promises cuts across tribes, peoples and nations. In International Law, we call them treaties. Nations are bound to respect them. If broken, wars could break out

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We also call them agreements in contract of so many kinds as long as human relationships exist. Breaches can spring long drawn battles and hatred crossing many generations.

In marriage they are vows. How many have been broken? Countless.

No promise is made for just the fun of it. Did you make a promise? Have I made one? If you can, try to redeem it. If you cannot, pay it forward else where.

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