Of Cultism, Ocultism And His Eminence, Prelate Emeritus Sunday Mbang


By Dr Ini Udoka

Your Eminence,

We have heard you that no cultist shall govern our State in 2023. Good! What about people who are occultists? Can you spot the difference? Cultists are those who kill with guns, machetes, axes and clubs. Occultists are those who are members of spiritual sanctums. They are members of the the snake occult, water kingdom occult, territorial occult, etc and operate in the realm of the spirit. They have direct access to Lucifer and are direct agents of the devil himself. This group of occult members do not only kill using non physical weapons, they also steal and destroy anything good. They hate progress and prosperity. They are the ones the Bible calls principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. This group of occult members are more dangerous than the cult members that the Prelate Emeritus has been hammering on. Please don’t get me wrong. Both groups are bad but the one that kills with physical weapons, kills only the body. The other more dangerous one attacks the physical body and in addition, attacks both the spirit and the soul. The good thing is that none of them can kill the soul.

I should be more concerned with the occult members who come into government and steal, kill and destroy our common patrimony. Dedicating our progress and prosperity to the devil their master so that no matter the effort put in place to bring development to our communities and State, such effort is frustrated by their clandestine activities. Their spiritual agents come to steal, kill and destroy our State and make us a reproach despite the huge resources at our disposal. Many of these occult members are in the Church and some of them are pastors. They poison fellow pastors for positions. The occult members recruit only their members into government or initiate people looking for government patronage.

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My Prelate Emeritus, I am not so much bothered by the cultists who carry physical weapons because they can easily be apprehended by focused and diligent security forces of government. I am disturbed by the occult members whose activities can only be disrupted by a spirit filled Church of Jesus Christ. I am concerned because I have observed that today in our State, the Church of Jesus Christ is very deeply compromised by its entanglement with the government that has many of these occult operators. If a pastor is in the pay book of an organization populated by principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places, how would he pray to disrupt the operations of these occult members who have ravaged the fortunes and prosperity of our State?

Your Eminence, I am happy that your attention has been drawn to the physical killers in government. I wouldn’t have had any reason to make this post if the Church of Jesus Christ had not reduced the worship of God by government functionaries to cosmetic activity in the name of solemn assembly during which time, curses on political opponents of government functionaries are the contents of homily. Solemn Asseblies have been turned into political rallies and gatherings where curses are heaped on innocent political actors who don’t have access to the resources of the State frittered away by agents of the enemy, people who don’t want anything good for our dear State. It is the Church of God that organizes solemn assemblies for government. During the program, these same groups of physical and spiritual killers are eulogized as the best thing that has happened to our State.

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My Prelate Emeritus, I want to remind you of the exploits you made as the Prelate of Methodist Church Nigeria during the dangerous Abacha military regime. You stood up against Abacha illegitimate government when many of those enjoying democracy today chickened out. You represented the Church of God well and I believe God was and is still very happy with you. I was told of how you rejected the filthy lucre of the Abacha government. My Prelate, Akwa Ibom State appears pleasant on the surface but is filled with death, barrenness and reproach underneath. There is too much injustice, unemployment, hunger and lack of opportunities for growth and development. There are too many abandoned projects or what people call on going projects. I bet you Your Eminence, despite the much talked about COMPLETION AGENDA of the Governor, without sincere prayers from the Church, those in government whose intention is to steal, kill and destroy good things will hinder the finishing well by the Udom administration. Udom will leave behind’on going’ projects. It is only the Church that will sanitize this mess through sincere prayers. But a Church that dines and sleeps with a government populated by evil spiritual potentates cannot successfully undertake the sanitization exercise.

Your Eminence, I remember also that during your stewardship as Prelate of the Methodist Church Nigeria, you initiated a program where members of the Church openly denounced their membership of these occult groups. Your Eminence, please speak against the proliferation of government by members of the occult and even the cultists. Tell the Governor to give members of the occult in his Government the ultimatum to denounce their membership or quit his government.


Your Eminence, please also look in the direction of these spiritual killers and re- examine the role the Church is playing in our State. The government is not infallible. As you did to Abacha for Nigeria, do to the government of our State to put it back on track.

I pray for your continued good health sir. Thank you and God bless!

(C) Ikpaisong Reporters

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