By Iniobong John

During the golden era of Senator Godswill Akpabio, Akwa Ibom State was always rated higher than Rivers State, in project execution and delivery.

In the comity of states, Akwa Ibom used to be the reference point in quality Projects execution and delivery.

But sadly, since the inception of the Udom Emmanuel -led Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) government, Akwa Ibom State has declined and declining in all ramifications.

By way of comparison, both state governors, Nyesom Wike and Udom Emmanuel)are members of the same political party; the PDP.

The two gentlemen became governors in 2015 and are seeing out their second term in office.

The two states are in the oil-rich Niger Delta region, receiving the 13% derivation funds and two of the four high revenue earners in the country.

So, nobody can argue that Wike is outclassing and outshining Udom because Rivers State is earning or earns higher revenue than Akwa Ibom State.

While Wike is busy inviting prominent Nigerians to commission quality projects done by his administration, Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State has not completed and commissioned any quality and major project since the inception of his administration.

While Wike has completed and commissioned not less than three flyovers in the last twelve months, the inept and rudderless PDP government in Akwa Ibom State is grandstanding on one flyover project commenced over three years ago.

Wike has awarded contracts for fresh six flyovers in Rivers State, while the failed government in Akwa Ibom State is fumbling and wobbling from one failed and abandoned project to another.

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While Rivers State under Wike is known for quality project execution and delivery, Akwa Ibom State under Emmanuel’s watch is known for failed and abandoned projects.

While Wike is empowering his people, Udom is impoverishing Akwa Ibomites.

Wike is using projects to oppress us and our governor is helpless.

Akwa Ibom State is littered with failed and abandoned projects under the present PDP government in the state.

The present PDP government in the state is the worst thing that has ever happened to our state

May this affliction not befall us again.


John writes from Akwa Ibom State.

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