By Inibehe Effiong

This is a photo showing the governor of Akwa Ibom State ‘weeping’ today during the funeral of the Chairman of the PDP in Akwa Ibom State. I don’t want to be seen as insensitive. But I hope that Mr. Udom Emmanuel did truly felt brief sobriety at the funeral.

I hope that the governor and all his political associates and party men who have taken it upon themselves to inflict pain and suffering on the masses of our people will finally realize that life is ephemeral.

I truly hope that they will now see the need to change from their corrupt and oppressive ways and begin to pay attention to the needs of Akwa Ibom people.

Those who cried at the funeral of Mr. Udo Ekpenyong did so for conflicting reasons.

Some cried due to genuine reasons or real feeling of loss.

Many cried strictly partisan tears.

It is true that some cried because the one who helped them to subvert the electoral will of the people has died.

Indeed, some mourners shedded political connection tears.

Among the mourners were people who cried election rigging tears.

I can bet it that some cried because the one who helped them to unjustly disqualify their opponents at election is no more.

We will all die someday.

But what will we be remembered for when we are gone?

It is one thing for people to shed momentary tears with their eyes at funerals, it is another thing for them to cry genuinely from their hearts.

If I shed tears for a typical politician in Akwa Ibom State or Nigeria, it will not be because he or she was a hero while alive. It will be because of our collective mortality.

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Those who live their lives tormenting others should always bear in mind that history will vindicate the just.

Since Udom Emmanuel became the governor of Akwa Ibom State, he has ruled with so much wickedness and arrogance. His policies have mostly been anti-people and elitist. He has not hidden his disdain for Akwa Ibom and the poor people of the State.

After shedding tears today, I really hope he will take out some time to reflect about his life and legacy.

You cannot continue to perpetuate bad leadership and expect posterity to remember you for good.

Those who benefit from his regime may praise him to high heavens. But one day, like Udo Ekpenyong and everyone of us, he will stand before God in judgment.

Udom Emmanuel should ask himself what he will be remembered for?

Politicians in Akwa Ibom have turned what is supposed to be a beautiful paradise into a slave camp by using partisanship, poverty and religion as tools of oppression.

I hope this is a moment of sober reflection for them. Well, that is just wishful thinking.

Knowing our politicians, the battle to replace the dead chairman will only intensify while the filthy political culture continues. But death is the ultimate end for every mortal.

History will vindicate the just.

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