Governor Umar Ganduje of Kano State on Sunday, said he received calls from the leadership of the Hausa Community in Akwa Ibom State, begging me to “ensure that Senator Akpabio is comfortable while in Kano and to do all within my power to support him to be our president, because he took their safety and welfare very personal when he was the state governor.”

He stated further that “judging by Akpabio’s antecedents in public office and his detribalised attributes as a lover of Nigeria and Nigerians, Akpabio, is well qualified to be the President of Nigeria in 2023.

Ganduje, who wore Godswill 2023 Fez Cap and Muffler, stated this in Kano, while addressing APC delegates from Kano State, inside the Coronation Hall, Government House.

According to him, “my friend and brother, former Governor of Akwa Ibom State, former Senate Minority Leader and former Minister Niger Delta Ministry, Senator Akpabio, is here in Kano to solicit our support to become the President of Nigeria in 2023. I want you to judge him based on his antecedents in office before now”.

“From information available to me through the leadership of the Hausa community in Akwa Ibom State, when he was Governor for eight years, he did not discriminate against non-indigenes of the State. In fact I am told that he sponsored thousands of Muslims to Mecca throughout his eight years as Governor.

“Our people in Akwa Ibom State told me to take good care of him while he is in Kano and assist him to become the President of Nigeria because he treated them fantastically well when he was the Governor. I am equally convinced that when he becomes the president of Nigeria, he will unite this country,” he said.

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Speaking further, Ganduje said,” if a man promises you new clothes and shoes, you first look at what he is putting on before you believe him. Look at Akpabio’s antecedents and what he did when he was Governor and take your decision on what he did and what he can do, as the President of Nigeria.”

Earlier in his speech, Senator Akpabio said, “I am desperate to transform Nigeria, not desperate to be President. I want Nigerians to judge me by my records in public offices. I will fight insecurity, unite this country and improve on its economy. These are my three point agenda for this country when I become the President of Nigeria in 2023 by the special grace of God.

“If they come to you to ask for your support for them to be President, ask them, ‘when you were in public offices in the past, what did you do for people outside your state?’ I was opportune to be the governor of my state. During that period, I sponsored Muslims to the Holy land, I declared free and compulsory education for all Nigerians resident in Akwa Ibom State and assisted them in their times of need. My close aides were outside Akwa Ibom State. I am a unifier and that is what we need in this country.”

The presidential hopeful was also at the Emir of Kano’s Palace, His Royal Highness, Ado Bayero, where he disclosed his three point agenda for the country when given the opportunity in 2023.

The Emir, in his response thanked Akpabio and his entourage for coming to intimate him of his presidential ambition and prayed for his success and the fulfilment of his ambition.


The Emir described Akpabio as the true son of the palace, adding, “whatever happens in 2023 would be God’s will for Nigeria and it would be beneficial to all. His relationship with the Palace is not in doubt, because he is a man of his words and what he said he did in Akwa Ibom is true and whatever he promises to do as the President, he will equally do.”

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