We’ll Shut Down NASS, If Attempt At Impeaching Akpabio Is Made -Afegbua

The incessant calls for the impeachment of the Senate President, Senator Godswill Akpabio, at every prompting has become worrisome, hence the need to sound this note of warning.

In the build up to Senator Akpabio’s aspiration for the number 3 position, we of the South-South extraction made it abundantly clear that it was the turn of the treasure base of the nation; the South-South zone, to produce a Senate President.

We didn’t mince our words even when Senator Yari tried to alter the applecart by throwing spanners in the works. Our position has not changed and we need to make the point very lucid, unambiguous and crystal clear, that any attempt for any Senator from any zone to moot the idea of impeachment of Senator Godswill Akpabio will lead to serious chaos, strong resistance and unimaginable fall-out that will shock the proponents of such dubious calls.

It is the turn of the South-South geo-political zone to taste the Senate Presidency at this time and any attempt to deploy conspiracy and subterranean plots to undermine our representation shall be strongly resisted. We’ve had Senator David Mark served two terms as Senate President from the North-Central zone, heaven did not fall nor were there impeachment threats.

We’ve had Senator Ahmed Lawan served his own term too as Senate President and with all his imperfections, we didn’t hear of impeachment threats. We’ve had Senator Bukola Saraki served his own term too without any threat of impeachment even when we were witnesses to the high-wire politics that brought him in the first place. He completed his term without red-herring.

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Why has it become almost a recurring decimal that at each turn, Senator Akpabio is being hounded by agents of darkness masquerading as Senators of the hallowed Chambers and threatening impeachment. Let it be noted very instructively that Senator Godswill Akpabio will serve out his term of four years as Senate President without any let or hindrance.

Whoever that has any interest for Senate President must wait for the South-South to complete her term before showing such interest. We will resist any attempt to try to supplant our opportunity as treasure base of the nation for any conspiracy to unseat the Senate President.

We wish to appeal to those who are fond of dishing out these threats to be mindful of Nigeria’s delicate balance and intricate logic so as not to provoke a political crisis that may snowball into another kettle of fish for the country. We of the South-South, will not sit by and watch any attempt by anyone to undermine our opportunity as South-South indigenes as represented by Distinguished Senator Godswill Akpabio using impeachment as a veiled threat.

We say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Nobody has monopoly of violence and for those who understand our recent history, it is better accentuated to maintain peace in the Niger- Delta than try to poke finger of trouble before our very eyes. That won’t augur well for this democracy in all its ramifications. A word is enough for the wise. Let Akpabio be!!.



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