By Mandala Edoho

Mr Ephraim Inyang should know that government business is not run from the head of any single individual. That is why functions and responsibilities are shared, laws and procedures established and adhered to for the smooth functioning of government.

Ephraim Inyang is running the Ministry of works as a sole proprietorship business, combining and executing the functions of other Ministries from his office.

He is responsible for property assessment, valuation payment, demolition, road design and construction. In the process, he has disregarded rules, regulations, procedures governing those functions and has ended up creating discord and disharmony and a bad image for the government.

Ephraim Inyang should know that the open letter sent to him by Obong Assam Abia was a mirror of the mind of majority of Eket sons and daughters both at home and diaspora.

He should not cast aspersions on Eket leaders for his misdeeds. Since the commencement of the Atabong road project, he has taken time to insult every well meaning leader who has attempted to intervene in his brutal molestation of property owners to force them out without payment of compensation and without notice to evacuate.

Ephraim Inyang should not forget his insulting episode with our most reverend paramount ruler, His Royal Majesty Edidem E. C. D. Abia where he trampled on the sensibility of Ekid nation, an episode that should better be forgotten for the sake of peace and unity of Eket Federal Constituency.

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Let Ephraim Inyang, the Dasuki of Akwa Ibom State tell us, of all the road construction he has awarded during this administration, has there been any Eket Contractor or politician considered in any ?. Eket stakeholders of PDP has been shot out of this administration because of Ephraim Inyang.

But let it be told him that public office is a temporary privilege to showcase ones capabilities as a stepping stone to a highly responsibility.

Although Ephraim Inyang is adjudged to be a hardworking and productive appointee, his method of attainment is so crude and falls short of the requirements in a public office.

LAST WARNING:. Mr Ephraim Inyang should not try to resurrect the dead to come and be chastised for the misdeeds of the living.

Finally, to save his membership from scramble in the Reformed Ogboni Confraternity, in wish the likes of us, including yours truly are members, Ephraim Inyang should leave Eket leaders, Elders, Stakeholders alone and face the misdeeds of his office alone.

We fear ONLY GOD. If not, uto owo nte Ephraim Inyang ado se ekpeda edia ukom.

Look at Eket Federal Constituency, look at you. Unam ikot.

(C)Ikpaisong reporters

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