My tomorrow greater and better than today- Akpabio 

My tomorrow greater and better than today- Akpabio
The Senator representing the Akwa Ibom North West Senatorial District and former governor of Akwa Ibom State, Godswill Akpabio, has asserted that his tomorrow would be better and greater that his yesterday, just as he noted that he has no regrets for dumping his former party, the Peoples Democratic Party, for the All Progressives Congress, (APC).
Speaking at his hometown, Ukana, in Essien Udim Local Government Area,  after the burial of his nephew over the weekend, he also disclosed that, if he were to take the decision of joining his new party today, he would still go to the APC.
“The reason why I feel confident is because my tomorrow is greater than my today. Like I said, today we have only one opportunity to make our life better but tomorrow we have three opportunities. You know we have three ‘O’s in tomorrow, but you have only one ‘O’ in today. And yesterday is gone, so you don’t have any single ‘O’ there” he stressed.
He said he has no regret for bringing Governor Udom Emmanuel as his successor, noting that what he did in 2015 was to ensure that he brought somebody who is presentable.
According to him, “I have no regret bringing Udom Emmanuel. You know like I always say, in 2015 I wasn’t looking for a governor for Godswill, I was looking for a governor for Akwa Ibom. So if Akwa Ibom is happy with him, why not I will be satisfied. You Know it is always good that you bring out somebody who is presentable.
“Even if you want to go to a football match you must look for good players. So for me I don’t have any regret over Udom Emmanuel. I pray that he does well for the state. And I also pray that God give him the wisdom as long as he has the opportunity to pilot the affairs of the state, he should do well for the happiness of our people. I have no regret at all.
“I have no regret equally of my joining the APC. I have no single regret. If I were to take the decision today I will go to the APC. I am happy in the APC”
Senator Akpabio who dumped the PDP for the APC in 2018 dismissed speculations in some quarters that he would return to the PDP, describing such speculations as the handwork of mischief makers.
“Why are you people listening to mischief when I am getting entrenched in APC. I am very happy to be in APC. I am excited and I thank God that the President won the election resoundingly all over the country”, Akpabio noted.
The former Senate Minority leader expressed confidence that he would reclaim his stolen mandate in the Tribunal and return to Senate saying,
“I am a believer in the Lord that is why I believe in due process and that is why I have taken the option of due process and said let’s go to the Tribunal and ensure that we fight for our right. There is no protest, no shouting.
“And by the grace of God I will succeed in the Tribunal and then I will continue in the Senate. But even if it is not on June 9th when my first term in the senate will terminate, any day at all that I succeed in the Tribunal I will continue from there, because I do know and you know that I won the election. I have always said so, I never stopped saying it and I will never stop saying it because that is the truth.
On the perception by Akwa Ibom people that losing his re-election bid that his political career is finished, Akpabio said he is not feeling bitter or bad about the temporary setbacks in his life especially when he knows that Akwa Ibom people voted for him.
“If anybody expects that I will feel bad, I will never feel bad. Sometimes people don’t understand that life is full of ups and downs. Life is not a straight line. If it is a straight line it means you are dead. “For me I will always wish my people in Akwa Ibom well. I will always pray for Akwa Ibom state, and I will always work for Akwa Ibom till I die. I am already a senator, and I have been a governor for 8years and I have had the privilege of serving them as a commissioner.
“I believe in peaceful politics and that is the reason why I chose the path of peace to also pursue any wrong that I feel that could have been done to me, not by Akwa Ibom people but done by the INEC”, Akpabio asserted
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