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You cheered when she flaunted a Mercedes and a Porsche. You didn’t ask what she did to afford such luxury. You didn’t say she was too young to go on trips in private jets.

Regina Daniels defined her life. She wants it paved with gold and silver. She wants a heaven-on-earth kind of life. You probably want that too.

You see nothing wrong with the life she wants. You just query how she has resorted to achieving the life she wants.

You should answer a question. What exactly has the girl done wrong?

The life she wants can’t be handed her by earnings from Nollywood roles. It’s not her fault. It’s a general issue for celebrities. They live a larger than life kind of life. They buy the best houses and flaunt. They buy the best cars. They wear the most expensive stuffs. They want you to believe they’re very rich. You believe it. What they do to be that rich never matters to you provided they can keep it a secret. Your hypocrisy is legendary.

It’s not that you don’t know. More than half of screen goddesses are not living from their career. They’re patronised by the politicians and capitalists that have stolen from us. It’s not an issue to you. They have kept it a secret. But not that you don’t know. It’s an open secret. An open secret is still a secret. Your hypocrisy is legendary.

Her man is 59. You probably know the ones seeing octogenarians. You know the ones that have hypnotised people’s husbands and wouldn’t let them go back to their families. You know the ones that have turned fathers irresponsible and made them forget obligations to their children. You know the ones that are one out of hundred concubines to a rich sugar daddy. It’s not your concern. Your concern is with the innocent girl that can’t afford to hide her cravings. Your hypocrisy is legendary.

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Who made the law on age as a yardstick? How come the decisions of two adults have become your headache? Which young suitor did Regina jilt? What if the young suitors were intimidated by her fame?

What if the young suitors are the ones that couldn’t turn her on? What if they are actually the three minute bed people? How dare you take for granted, the sexual capacity of a man with numerous wives?

What if the young suitors were the woman beaters? What if the young suitors were the cheats? What if the young suitors preferred she withdrew from her career? What if the young suitors would rather she were a cook and a house wife? You don’t even know her story. You don’t even want to know.

She is going to be a 6th wife. You forget that polygamy is the unseen shadow hunting every African man.You’re aware of responsible polygamists who shower the love and attention that a monogamist can’t afford. You know many monogamists that are too busy for their one wife.

You know many monogamists that are worse than infidels. You know the many monagamists that bring innocent children this world to come and suffer. Monogamists that keep making children when they can’t afford a square meal for each child, cloth for their nakedness and education for their future. You see nothing wrong with that. You see everything wrong with girl whose decision has guaranteed a descent upbringing and life for her unborn children.

Deep in your heart you know that Regina has done nothing wrong.You know she has taken a great but difficult decision of the moment. You have heared of Bianca Ojukwu. You’re aware of where her decision has taken her to as at today. You could be wishing it were you right now. You wouldn’t admit. The Nigerian hypocritical standard expects you to condemn.

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You’re calling her a gold digger. Deep in you, you’re wishing you were that lucky. You forget that it’s not all about luck. The problem could just be that you have nothing to offer the billionaire. You desire them but lack what it takes to hold down great men. You probably know it’s not that easy to have a great man with many beautiful women swept off his feet.

Regina Daniels has so much to offer. With all his billions, we didn’t know Ned Nwoko. That we’re all talking about him today is credit to Regina Daniels. The man’s billions couldn’t give him fame. It has taken a 19 years old “gold digger ” to put a billionaire on the lips of every Nigerian. You’re guilty of witchcraft to tag such a great girl a gold digger. Regina Daniels is just a victim of hypocrisy and witchcraft.


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