Nigerians must prepare for rebellion -Balarabe Musa•Almost everyone is now a thief

Nigerians must prepare for rebellion
-Balarabe Musa

•Almost everyone is now a thief

For fire-spitting former Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa Nigerians have borne too much in terms of bad leadership that a coup as happened in Sudan recently or a civilian rebellion – the Venezuelan option could become options if the situation in the country continues to worsen.

In an interview, on Sunday Vanguard, Musa, now a renowned social crusader, said things have deteriorated in the country that anything could happen at any moment in terms citizen reaction which would not augur well with the country.

The former governor described the 2019 general election as the worst in the history of the country, saying none had witnessed the sort of negative attributes associated with.

Asked if the founding fathers of Nigeria ever envisaged how the country had turned out, the former governor, said: “Absolutely not! Even in 1950 when party politics started, money was not the deciding factor of elections and politics but now things have changed. Money is presently the deciding factor of everything.

“In fact, we now have leaders who are thieves and have infected Nigerians to the level that virtually every Nigerian is a thief except two sets of people. The first set include those who never had the chance to steal at all, while the second set include those few people who, by nature, would rather die than steal.

“These two sets of people still exist in Nigeria, they are, however, the exception and their population is 000.1 percent. So we expect the worst to happen in Nigeria but it is a question of when? When the nation was being prepared for independence in 1956, people of good minds asked how it will happen, but nobody believed them; nobody believed that those leaders of 1966 would not live forever and it was a sin to even say something would happen and they would leave office but it happened! And what was not expected happened in 1966.

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“Now we are destroying ourselves and, still, we want peace. It is not impossible because you have to work for peace before it exists!”

He said part of the consequences of bad elections, included the current insecurity in Nigeria, which he regretted the Federal Government had done very little to contain.

Hear him: “Recently, a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria accused some traditional rulers of conniving with Boko Haram, herdsmen and other criminals, but what did the Federal Government do about it? Has the government taken any step towards addressing this allegation in an open way? This government will not do anything until it faces a balance of terror against it by which time it might be too late.

“Balance of terror is either a military coup or civil rebellion like it happened in Sudan and Venezuela. So this government is waiting for the balance of terror. In other words, they are waiting for forces that are more terrifying than they are before they do something. Do you think Venezuela’s ordeal is good for us as a nation? How can such be good for this country? But what will happen in a situation where the end of the road has been reached? There is no law and order and this disabling level of corruption and everything negative is happening. We are just waiting to see what will happen next.

“Those who are religious are saying “may God bring better days” but before you can pray to God, you have to make sure that you are clean yourself. How can a thief pray to God? But that is what most leaders in our country are (thieves) except those who are the exception rather than the rule?

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When asked if he foresaw better days, in spite of the ugly situation, he answered in the affirmative: “Yes, absolutely after a constitutional evolution or do you think things would change in Nigeria just because you are asking for it? For things to change for the better in Nigeria, there has to be a constitutional revolution, which means a peaceful change of the system without divide, but if this fails, as it happened in other countries, other forces are likely to take over. \

“For instance, Iraqi is not at peace, Libya is not at peace, even those who have lesser problems like Sudan and Venezuela are not at peace. So what would make any Nigerian, who has commonsense, think that what is happening in these countries will not happen in Nigeria where human dignity does not exist, national development doesn’t exist and only deceit and vote-buying win elections? God cannot be deceived.

(C) Vanguard

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