WeCannotIgnore: Kenyans Share Emotional Messages on Turkana Drought

WeCannotIgnore: Kenyans Share Emotional Messages on Turkana Drought

A good-hearted Kenyan offers a drink of Milk to a starving Turkana man. Kenyans have been on the receiving end of bad news of fellow countrymen ravaged by drought in Turkana, Baringo and other areas in the country.

So far reports on the media have it that deaths have been recorded due to the drought as the situation continues to escalate.

Even so, the government, through DP William Ruto and CS Eugene Wamalwaaddressed the nation on Monday and claimed that no Kenyan life had been lost as a result of the drought.

Kenyans on Twitter developed the tag #WeCannotIgnore for purposes of sharing factual information about the situation in Turkana to ensure the government acts and does so with speed.

The hashtag, that was developed by journalists, especially from The Scribes 254 WhatsApp group, has received tremendous response from Kenyans.

The result has been the establishment of a strong voice of the Kenyan people on what ought to be done to deal with the serious situation rather than just taking it as a natural disaster.

See some of the photos of the situation in Turkana County Courtesy of Roncliffe Odit – BB


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