Royal Rumble in Emmanuel’s kitchen cabinet…Works Commissioner,  Ephraim Inyang draws battle line with Essien

Royal Rumble in Emmanuel’s kitchen cabinet

…Works Commissioner,  Ephraim Inyang draws battle line with Essien

“No Ekid son would be out to castigate Eket son’s and elders the way Ephraim Inyang has done.

“Ephraim Inyang will go down in history as the most arrogant, most insolent and most exploitative Commissioner that has served in the state cabinet”

“He says that Eket people are the most difficult people to deal with. That is not true. Eket people are not difficult to deal with, and that they don’t want development”.

“I wonder how people who have witnessed considerable level of development since 1979 up to 1999 would be said to be anti-development. The problem we’ve had on the dualization of Atabong road hinges on the Commissioner’s attitude to work.

He behaves as if government is run from the head of one person, which is not the case. The functions of government is a joint responsibility. It is shared between ministries, agencies and departments of government.

No single individual is authorized to perform all those functions, and again there are laws and regulations that binds the running of public office; Ephraim does not respect rules and regulations binding the operation of government business.

He is overbearing on everybody including his colleagues in the exco. Before you demolish someone’s house, the law says you should give the person 90 days notice, but in his own case he demolishes and tells you to come to his office for payment.

Since 2015 up till today not up to 80 percent of work has been completed”.

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Rt.Hon.Nduese Essien, Elder Stateman and former Minister of Lands and Housing.


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