APC to Emmanuel, probe allegation of corrupt enrichment levelled against Ephraim Inyangeyen by Essien


The allegation by Rt. Hon. Chief Ndueso Essien that the Commissioner for Works, Mr. Ephraim Inyang, is using his office to amass unaccountable wealth is too damning to be ignored or swept under the carpet by the State Government. It must not be treated as an internal affair of the party.

It must not be reduced to an Eket matter.

He must be made to account for the multi billion naira properties he has acquired between 2015 when he was appointed a Commissioner for Works and now.

But the governor can’t be feign ignorance of the excesses of the “Super commissioner “.He couldn’t have been that daring, arrogant and brazen without the backing of the governor.

In saner climes, he would have either resigned his office or suspended by the governor to allow full scale investigations into the weighty allegations levelled against him by his party leaders.

But as far as this government is concerned, he is untouchable. Nobody can question or call him to order.

The EFCC must investigate him.But, as usual, he’ll be shielded by the Governor and that means he is aiding and abetting corruption and embezzlement of public funds by his cabinet members.

Obong Iniobong John,
State Chairman,

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