By Emmanuel Paragon Mbong

The twosome belong to the same generation of elder statesmen in Ekid nation. One, political pundits say, is more patriotic than the other.

Both are illustrious sons of Eket Local Government Area but analysts also say that, one is more illustrious, straight forward and down to earth than the other putting the two side by side on a scale balance.

Chief Assam Assam is a learned gentleman who is even supposed to know better but Chief Nduese Essien , a born teacher knows his onions as someone who has churned out people of various professions including those flaunting the wig and gown.

Their paths eventually crossed when the current democratic dispensation sets in about two decades ago.

Chief Assam Assam is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria SAN while Chief Nduese Essien is a Senior Advocate of the Masses SAM. A typical Eket indigene knows the antecedents and achievements of these two sons of theirs when they held the reins of government.

Chief Essien has been a two term federal lawmaker and a former Minister.
Chief Assam once held the forte as a state commissioner as well as an ambassador.

The legal practitioner, during his brief stint as a Nigerian Ambassador to Russia allegedly delved into learning another trade of firing both scud and ballistic missiles at perceived targets for a plate of pottage.

His services are always available for every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to see light at the end of the dark tunnel and also let off the hook.

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Trust Lawyers, they are ready to defend the indefensible for a mouth watering fee.

So, Eket people were not completely taken aback when Chief Assam Assam, we learnt went for a radio interview yesterday to make all what the former parliamentarian said previously about the conduct of the Hon Commissioner of Works , Akparawa Ephraim Inyang look ordinary.

One first year law student was quoted as saying that all what his ” mentor ” said yesterday is called after thought in a common sense law.

According to the law undergraduate from University of Uyo, Chief Nduese Essien fired the first salvo by speaking against the injustices metted out to his people and should be commended, not condemned for taken that bold initiative for calling the demi-god Commissioner to order as a father.

He then wondered how a legal giant of Chief Assam’s status can condescend himself so low to become the official megaphone of the embattled Commissioner.

The burning issues at stake here transcend and tower above personal and selfish interests. Eket people want the proper things to be done. What is the sauce for the goose is also the sauce for the gander.

Chief Nduese Essien is undisputedly and unarguably the Political Leader of the entire Eket Senatorial District and there is no perceived cracks on the wall.He has indeed proved his mettle and his leadership prowess has never been called to question.

His views on front burning issues remain in tandem with the wishes and aspirations of the entire Ekid nation.

Any one that wants to play the spoilers role does it at his own peril and therefore should not be taken seriously.Such is indeed a dissenting voice crying from Atabong swamps seeking for unnecessary attention.

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Chiefs Nduese Essien and Assam Assam are indeed birds of different feathers and also opposite numbers but Ekid nation truly knows their very own leader in whom they are always pleased, between the duo.

Ekid Idediong oooo


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