Gov-elect in search of First Lady

UNKNOWN to many, the success of a governorship candidate in the just concluded elections threw up a completely new challenge for him and members of his family.

Although the governor-elect was married to a couple of women at the time he won the election, he considered none of them befitting of his new status as the popularly elected executive governor of a state in the Middle Belt zone.

For a man that had just won a keenly contested governorship election, however, the challenge of sourcing a smooth – talking, delectable, vivacious, trendy, urbane, versatile and learned young woman as his First Lady was certainly not one that was difficult to surmount.

Pronto, he hit the matrimony market and found his dream girl. Without much ado, she became a new addition to his harem, preparatory to her inauguration as First Lady on May 29.

As it would be expected, the older wives are said not to have found the development funny and are kicking while the people of the state are wondering if they have not voted a lover boy as their governor. His associates are also perplexed, wondering if he would not be beholden to his new found love during his tenure.

It all reminds one of a current governor in one of the states in the Northwest who took a similar step soon after he was elected in 2015. The said governor simply went to another state entirely to get a damsel as new wife as then First Lady.

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