Emir Sanusi: His Three Options And Karma

*Emir Sanusi: His Three Options And Karma.* –

In case you don’t know, these are theΒ  three options before Emir Sanusi.

– To Resign Voluntarily As Emir
– To Be Unceremonially Removed (Deposed)
– To Have His Kingdom splitted into Five Emirates.

*When Sanusi sensed trouble coming his way, he sent Alhaji Aliko Dangote (According To Daily Trust Report) to beg the governor on his behalf, the governor then told Dangote to tell Emir Sanusi of his three options stated above.*

On the Karma side, during the count down to the 2015 election, Sanusi wrote a memo to the then President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to raise an alarm over some “imaginary” missing funds, he quoted at first $49b, later, we saw the figure as $10b and finally Sanusi settled for $20b as the missing money, in his usual character, the secret memo found its way to the press, Sanusi leaked the letter by himself, this created huge controversy for Jonathan’s government.

Tongues were wagging, insult upon injury, the then oppositions party APC quickly aligned with Sanusi, in fact, they became his mouthpiece, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the then APC National Publicity Secretary was always dishing out information and figures, as if they were being prepared by Sanusi himself, the co-ordination was superb.

In Sanusi’s banking reform, CEOs were not left out, initially, according to gist then, he wanted to come for Tony Elumelu who sacked him from UBA due to his high level of indiscipline and insubordination, Tony a smart guy escaped, and quickly appointed another CEO for UBA PLC who was still under HIERS holding under his control, he went for other CEOs, Mrs Cecilia Ibru’s recent testimony is an indication of the numerous clamp down against bankers not in his good book.


In the case of the defunct Bank PHB, there were interests to install a Northern as the MD of the bank, Mr Francis Atuche embarked on a short vacation abroad, after a stress test was conducted on the bank and scaled through, all of a sudden Sanusi sent his team to Bank PHB again, they were able to get an internal accomplice who they connived with to give another report that the bank was in distress.

Fast forward, Sanusi was able to forcefully send CEO of Bank PHB, Oceanic, Intercontinental and others away with media trial, of course, Nigerians are lovers of mob actions, once media say you are a thief or a criminal, everyone takes it hook line and sinker and it becomes a tag.

Jonathan was so unlucky with Sanusi because his accomplice in APC were threatening fire and brimstone if Jonathan dared to sack him, it became a big issue across the country for GEJ to handle, once you are called a thief, it’s hard to defend yourself that you are not, especially when you are in power.

For the APC government, they knew the dirty part Sanusi played when they were coming to power, and they are in power now and not ready to leave soon.

For those who have read “48 Laws of Power”

One part says, don’t offend the wrong guy, while another says Crush your enemies totally.

Sanusi is now an enemy who has offended the wrong guy (APC Ganduje), the wrong guy he offended is not unaware of the damage Sanusi can do, as he had done in their favour(APC) in the past, so, it’s time to totally crush him.

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Three options has been laid before him, his ego didn’t allow him to pick any of them as reported back to him by Alhaji Dangote he sent to beg the governor but they are now helping him to take the options.

Sanusi’s powers has been shared with other four people, from the rumor in town, Kano State Government will eventually transfer him away from his current emirate to another, his resistance will put a final nail on his coffin with SACK. It’s not ending there, he will be dragged before court to answer for some allegations bothering on illegal spending and corruption as Emir, recent report also indicated that his tenure as CBN governor will be probed.

So, KARMA is very real and fast?….
Let’s see how this case will end.

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