Catastrophe was averted at Murtala Mohammed International Airport on Wednesday, May 29, as 393 passengers, including former President Olusegun Obasanjo, escaped air crash on board Ethiopian airline.

According to NAN reports, the almost 5-hour flight from the Ethiopian capital to Lagos had been smooth until the pilot attempted to land at the Murtala Mohammed International airport.

Instead of  landing on the first touch line of the runway, the pilot was said to have over shot it, due to rain and heavy wind, landing on the third touchline.

on realising this, the pilot quickly manouvered the plane back air, flying out of the Lagos airport.

After hovering  between Lagos and  Ogun, which generated serious panic in passengers and crew members, the plane landed in Lagos airport, some 20 minutes after the initial false landing.

The duty manager and Chief Customer Service (Nigeria) of the airline, Mr Otori Jimoh Otan, told NAN that if the pilot had continued taxing down after landing on the third touch line, he would have overshot the runway. “But this is an experienced pilot. He realised this immediately. “Fortunately, the distance between when he realised the situation still permitted him to take off and renegotiate landing,” Otori said.