Open letter to Senator Godswill Akpabio CON


Open letter to Senator Godswill

Akpabio CON

By Kemfon Neke

When you moved to another political party on this day last year, the state vault was thrown open and numerous party stalwarts got their appointment letters. The future looked great without you. It was a shallow and yet, a successful show to bewitch your ungrateful political children to abandon their father and heritage and cling to a farce and it worked out quite well.

After the elections, The real apartheid ensued. Expectations crashed, hopes drowned and promises failed. Indeed, discrimination crept into the party and stalwarts were segmented into different partitions of “Owo Isa” and “Owo Isa Isa”. Several were given bad names, blackmailed and abandoned. Others were merely suspended in a state of cyclical stagnation. Some made themselves more available to be used in mudslinging you with the hope to somehow demonstrate loyalty to their new overlords but it didn’t bring any good result. Your ungrateful children realized that life wasn’t so fair without their daddy. A lot were like Children of Pharaoh who knew not Joseph. But how would they sing their father’s song in a strange land?

Well, the tempo was still calm because your ungrateful children thought that the alternative was worse. They heard on TV that you’ll now be on the streets of Abuja or like suggested by some minions, that you’re now retired to Ukana. So they persevered the shame of broken dreams and struggled with a newly birthed system that’s composed of mostly new entrants.

When your ministerial nomination was announced, very few more appointments were hastily announced in the state and then the tide subsided. When you’ll be sworn in, we hope that few appointment letters will be issued. Probably, a little more will be added when you visit the state for the first time as minister and should you host a celebration at your country home, we expect a direction that all the local government councils should counter- host some rally or congress. Of a truth HE, it is not easy for the ones you left under that umbrella and the signs are very bad.

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They ones who got new legislative jobs in the capital are lucky. They’ve moved their loyalty to the heads of their different chambers but things are not the same at home though.There is political frustration of seeing the distraught base at home, still in awed of their abandonment by their new overlord.Their biggest shame is how they’re dealing now with the mistrust of the man they thought trusted them. The frustration is not merely political, the good ones are ashamed that contractors have left the sites of the projects that they marketed to their electorates during the elections. Others are ashamed that the state is still defined by the monumental achievements of the last gubernatorial era. The incumbent has his biggest achievements in a private commercial fleet owned by a known son of the soil and the achievement of mimicking the supervision of the construction of flour mill that’s privately owned and privately funded by a known foreign brand.

It was one year ago on a day like today, that you saw the future. A lot now shows that you may have loved them more after all. I am beginning to see some double-speak, fake peace calls, some pretentious respect by hitherto Akpabio destroyers, strategic avoidance and silence. Be warm to cheers and be wary of opportunistic folks. Don’t forget the lessons in the days, immediately preceeding and following the announcement of another as senator-elect and the valedictory session of the Senate till the announcement of your ministerial nomination. Since 2002, I think you’ve not had a lower ebb and a lot of lessons are embedded therein. If anything, love this state more and serve the country well.


You tested their loyalty for one year and they failed woefully. Well…

Happy Akpabio’s day.

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