By Edu Offong

How time flies. Times was, when we were known as an embodiment of and reference point of being our brothers’ keeper. Watching over one another’s back.

We understood what it meant to be our brothers’ keeper. We defended our own, despite what, with our age long dictum of “Chase the hawk away before apportioning blame to the hen.”

But today, the reverse is the case. One, walking with his brother or sister is afraid, because you no longer decipher the intent from the facade.

People hide under a fraternizing facade to perpetuate and back-stab others without batting an eyelid.

One wonders what is, or are  responsible for this sorry state of affairs in our Akwa Ibom State. It has, unexpectedly, gotten to the point of betrayals, back stabbing, intrigues and subterfuge especially on the political turf. Greed avarice, quest for filthy lucre are no doubt the underlying factors behind the untoward behavior of some of these elements in our dear state.

The Pull  Him Down (PHD), syndrome has become the order of the day. Hence, the urgent need for re-orientation and re engineering of our minds, with the aim of changing our long held beliefs of pulling our brighter stars down.

The Bible says, “vanity upon vanity, all is vanity.” Invariably, it means all primitive acquisitions, fame , fortunes, wealth to mention but a few, without the expected impact on the people are all exercises and drives in futility.

Why sacrifice even the soul for material things and gains? This is a pertinent question that requires introspection and honest answer from each and every one of us.

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Is it not surprising for any right-thinking human being to see the extent people go to tarnish the hard-earned image and reputation of fellow AKWAIBOMITES, all in a bid to unseat and occupy positions?

Rather than dissipating energy and resources in pulling one another down, it is expedient that as a people, we come together and zone elective positions based on the Akwa Ibom charter of equity, inorder to forestall incidences of this ageless “PHD” Syndrome.

Offong writes from Abuja.

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