Udom and the Dragon

Udom and the Dragon

By Gideon Ekere

Before August 2018. We were never briefed. Nothing visible came piercing. Only few hailed in the media. While others wailed. That former Governor Godswill Akpabio isn’t smiling with his political toddler, Udom Emmanuel. Ten times a stroke. It all came like a flying news. And they countered in a million way. Just to dismiss the popular claims. That nothing negative is in-between them. At the open. They cajole the minds of many. Living in pretense. For the ‘no’ thinkers. Even when the obvious was noticeable. That Akpabio had acquired his boxing kits. In readiness for a fight known to humanity.

But the stink is pervading our political space. We are witnessing a funny theatre within. Monsters are claiming superiority over a state. It’s an end-product of imposition. The 2015 political kangaroo is biting so hard. It was a season of Lassa-headache. Where many interests were buried in a shallow grave. One man exhumed his muscles. Using the strength of others to shape his steps. Single-handedly formed a shade government in 2015. Secret-mindedly. Many strings were attached. Forcing others to join the league of benchwarmers. Against all forces. Udom mounted the saddle with ease. On a clear mantra. It is only Godswill Obot Akpabio that can execute such thrilling venture.

Three years after. Akpabio abandoned his fashion. Pitching tent with his former rivals. Very few followed him. Not because of loyalty. But they needed a platform to express their anger. Even in government, they were gnashing in hunger and starvation. Even as political appointees under Udom, some were trading properties to maintain their level. There was no money. No direction. No future. No looting pattern as before. If they were allowed as before. If they had acquired multiple wealth as they did between 2007 and 2015. Akpabio would have been alone on that journey. Meaning that hunger forced their loyalty to the former governor. That’s the story of a frustrated Prince Akpabio. Whose fragile mindset deceived him into believing he could fit into the shoes of Godswill after his exit from PDP. He rushed. But became magnificently bruised. He accepted an appointment others ran away from. Now, those who embraced Godswill’s defection idea are smiling to a corner. To them, they made a good choice. Telling others that disloyalty is a bastard.

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As a governor, Udom Emmanuel has won laurels of fools. He repeatedly shouted. That after election, comes governance. But fails in his plans and perfections. After the tribunal cases in 2015. His opponent, Obong Umana Okon Umana was appointed Managing Director of OGFTZ. A congratulatory message would have explained better. That Udom was ready for governance. Even when Umana visited him in Government House. Pomposity was written all over him. He delayed them for hours before making himself available. And he’s yet to address all what he said during the meeting.

Again, Obong Nsima Ekere was appointed the Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC in 2016. Instead of congratulation, Udom launched vigorous attacks against the then NDDC boss. Barricaded all dilapidated areas. That would have been blessed by NDDC under Nsima. Joining issues unnecessary with the intervention agency. Project sites were turned into battle zones. Akwa Ibom Works Commissioner was always hunting NDDC contractors. And the story ended on a sad note for Akwa Ibom. Nsima Ekere finally left NDDC with good records from other states. Leaving his domain half baked.

President Muhammadu Buhari last month beckoned on Godswill Akpabio to join his army of ministers. Many roared. Akpabio again? Not the simple any more. But the rough and tough Akpabio. But Udom Emmanuel showed up his ugly anger again. No goodwill message. Nothing to show he appreciated his predecessor’s advancement. At Abuja. The venue of the reception after inauguration. If he had thought wisely. The governor would have surprised many. By showing up to identify with his former master. But again, he dropped a wrong signal.

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Unknown to Udom Emmanuel. Godswill isn’t like the rest. He’s a man with a diplomatic spirit of determination. A tiger in disguise. Known for his doggedness. A political catalyst. Taken with actions. His second coming will introduce positive windows. Where the remaining boys will be turned into men. Leftover projects will hang no more. He dare not repeat his character of resistance. To avoid unnecessary scenes of political clash. Because a dragon is representing Akwa Ibom at the Federal Executive Council. A proper line of decency must be drawn. Any mission by Akpabio must be completed. That’s what he’s known for. The governor and his gang of resistors should be briefed.

Losing at the tribunal isn’t a sign of weakness. A dragon is a dragon anytime, any season. His stakes are intact. Strengths and prowess untampered with.Whoever receives dollars to deliver a porous judgment is a joker. Just like planning to rape a lady with protection. What you came with, returns with you. Let his friends and enemies retain their disrespect. Because Godswill Akpabio is brand. So relevant beyond his coasts. His appointment as Minister of Niger Delta Affairs was a prayer timely answered. Within time, his records will be heard, seen and touched.


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