Nigerians Must Stop Total Dependence On God For Success- Fashola

Nigerians must stop total dependence on God for success- FasholaΒ 

Babatunde Fashola, Minister of Works and Housing, has urged Nigerians to stop relying totally on God for success.

In his explanation, Fashola said it is becoming too often to include God’s name in every conversation. He urged Nigerians to work harder and leave God out of everyday problems.

Speaking on Hard Copy, a programme on Channels TV, the minister said total reliance on God reduces the confidence of humans that they achieve anything on our own.

β€œThere is enough work for God to do but we have not done our own share. So when our children pass, we thank God. When we build house, we thank God. When we win a match, we thank God. When we do anything. In our daily conversation, there’s too much God.

β€œWe should get to work. It’s a mind set thing. In my view, it then doesn’t give you confidence that you achieved anything if everything has been done by God. I know that God says, β€˜work and pray’ , but are we working? We want to win a sports event or a match, we don’t prepare, we pray. No, it won’t happen.

β€œWe want to make money. God didn’t make money, it was man that made money. Money is not part of what he created on creation day. It’s governments who made money so don’t go and pray for money, go and work for money,” he said.

Fashola also said the country is not as divided as portrayed by several quarters. He said a survey he conducted in 2017 and repeated in 2018 showed that about 72% of Nigerians saw themselves first as Nigerians compared to about 25% who saw themselves as belonging to their various ethnic groups.


The former Lagos State governor also said it was important to note that despite attempts by different groups to drum up secession agenda, inter-ethnic marriages are still happening across the country

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