APC Primaries In Akwa Ibom: INEC Over Rules IginiSays, We’re Complying With Judgement Of Federal High Court


The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) may have wielded the big stick against the Akwa Ibom REC of the Commission.

In a memo dated June 21, 2022 and addressed to the National Chairman of APC, the Commission said it was complying with the judgment of the Federal High Court on the issue of leadership of the Party in the State.

The REC had until a few days ago insisted that Mr. Austin Ekanem was the State Chairman of APC he recognized. This was inspite of the judgment of the Federal High Court which effectively removed Mr. Ekanem from office since March 17, 2022.

Mr. Igini seems to have forged an unholy alliance with Mr. Ekanem to frustrate the APC in the State. In carefully orchestrated media outings, Mr. Igini was categorical that APC will not field candidates in the 2023 elections on account of Primaries not being monitored by him. Mr. Igini had monitored Primaries of his choice as opposed to those organized by the State Working Committee of the APC under the Chairmanship of Obong Stephen Leo Ntukekpo.

Mr. Igini has always held views which are opposed to that of the National Headquarters of INEC. In 2019, he claimed INEC has a “back server”, a claim which INEC stoutly denied.

Mr. Igini who is due to retire in few weeks is notorious for his loud and sanctimonious posturing. He’s been severally accused of hobnobbing with subversive elements against the APC in the State.

This decision finally pulls the curtain on the controversy generated and popularized by Mr. Igini.


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