COVID-19: Sanwo-Olu’s Giant Strides Worthy Of Commendation



Managing Director of Evergreen Musical Company, Bimbo Esho, has commended Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State over his handling of the pandemic COVID-19.

Esho, in a statement on Monday, said the governor is worthy to be applauded “for his giant stride in the management of a life-threatening virus like COVID-19 [and reducing] to the barest minimum level in the state.

She said the exemplary role of the Lagos governor should be emulated by all stakeholders in the task of eliminating the pandemic, “only a man who loves his people will give his all to save them.”

She further said all health workers and state government officials who have given their all in ensuring the safety of lives of all Lagos inhabitants ought to be celebrated for their unrelenting effort in ensuring the present scourge reached its plateau.

Esho, the managing director of Evergreen Musical Company, Africa’s largest collectors and promoters of music of yesteryears said she has watched closely in the past five months how Sanwo-Olu has remained unrelenting in his fight against the monstrous killer virus.

“Though the outbreak affected the entertainment industry and made it suffer some setback, I am very optimistic that life will return to the ‘New Normal’ and many will be relieved of the present emotional stress and stigmatization which the epidemic has caused.

“Though times are hard, we are very optimistic that Lagos State will continue to remain the epicenter of entertainment in the country.

“But I will like to implore all those in the entertainment industry to continue to cooperate with the state government and adhere to all the safety measures and guidelines that is been put in place.

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“I will also like to reminded all of us that life always retuns back to normal after all threatening pandemic outbreaks in the book of history and COVID-19 will not be an exemption,” she said.

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