Udom Emmanuel, Leave Senators Akpabio, Enang Out Of Your Nemesis


By Abasiakan Emmanuel

The media machine of Akwa Ibom State Government is now engaging blatant falsehood and conspiracy theories against Senators Godswill Akpabio and Ita Enang, blaming them for fierce public outrage that is gradually sinking the Udom Emmanuel-led government.

It is ludicrous that the attack machine of government has turned focus to blame both APC Senators who neither instigated nor have anything to do with independent investigators who blew government cover to expose the worst ever corruption and law breaking scandal in the history of Akwa Ibom State.

Faced with realities of an egregiously poor performing government and an imploding economy, Akwa Ibomites are livid with rage. They are sick and tired of serial lies and abandoned projects strewn all across the State. Nemesis is catching up with some highly placed officials who have been plundering and mismanaging Akwa Ibom State resources.

Post #EndSARS protest, the youths and other Akwa Ibomites are more emboldened to demand accountability from government officials. They do not need Senators Godswill Akpabio and Ita Enang to ignite their passion for a better Akwa Ibom State.

Equally, Akwa Ibomites do not want wicked and selfish persons to lower the public temperature by diverting attention from impeachable actions bordering on lawlessness and mindless looting of Akwa Ibom State. They resent ongoing attempts by the Government media to sponsor bloggers and social media activists for virulent attacks against the opposition.

Recall that the Nigerian First Lady, during her last official visit to Akwa Ibom State, hinted the public about spirited efforts by the governor to defect to the APC. Ongoing attempt to disparage and demonize Senators Akpabio and Enang is not unconnected with those inordinate efforts. Is this how the governor and some of his foot soldiers will make entrance into the APC?

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Udom Emmanuel and his cohorts should not attempt to enter the APC through the back door, believing that launching campaigns of hatred and out right lies against APC leaders and federal appointees would guarantee them seamless entry

We are keeping tabs on the nocturnal movements of Udom Emmanuel in Abuja in his attempt at decamping to the APC.

The governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike last week hinted of a possible movement of one of the PDP governors to the APC in the wake of the cross carpeting of the governor of Ebonyi State to the APC. According to Wike, ” the PDP governor is PDP in day and APC in the night.”

Our crystal ball, no doubt points in the direction of Udom Emmanuel.
If he wants to dump the umbrella for the broom party, he could do that without lying and sponsoring falsehood against APC leaders in the state, using some gullible online media.

Come through the front door, not back. It is only a thief that enters the house through the back door after incapacitating the owners of the house.

Emmanuel writes from Nsit Atai Local Government Area.

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